2014 – A Year in Review

I went back in our Blog to my summary of our activities in 2013 and it was fun to read all that we had been up to.  So I decided I would put together another quick recap of our year’s activities in 2014.  As you will see we didn’t really manage to slow down like I had optimistically written in the 2013 Year in Review.  Oh well, I guess that is an indication that our Blog’s name is definitely appropriate as we just naturally seem to be “madly off in all directions”!

In 2014 we lost two more close family members.  Gramps, who was in his 101st year, slipped away peacefully with all of us by his side on March 26.  It was sad to say goodbye but he had lived a very full and happy life.  On October 8 (Kurtis’ birthday), we unexpectedly lost Uncle Brad Stannard, in his 80th year.  Uncle Brad and Aunt Joanne (who had passed away in 2010) were like second parents to Kurtis.  Uncle Brad had really struggled with Auntie Jo’s passing, so as sad as it was for all of us, he was finally at peace.

2014 was also the year for new life.  My sister, Lisa and her husband, Charles were pleasantly surprised when Lisa became pregnant after several years of trying.  And Kurtis and I, after almost 14 years of marriage, finally decided to take the plunge and turn our family of 2 into a family of 3.  I guess we figured that we were “old” enough to buy a house so maybe we were “old” enough to be parents 🙂

In addition to selling our condo, buying a house and moving and getting ready to welcome our little “Pumpkin” it was another busy year…

  • January 4 – We hosted dinner at our place with Linda, Neil, Evan & Aria
  • January 6 – Enjoyed dinner at Patria with Kurtis’ Ottawa work colleagues
  • January 7 – We attended our first ever Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game thanks to Richard & Marilyn Cooper
  • January 12-13 – My Mom came up for a quick visit.  We went for drinks and dinner at Czehoski on the 12th and then Mom and I attended a live taping of The Marilyn Denis Show in the morning on the 13th
  • January 17 – We hosted a low key cocktail party
  • January 19 – Dined with the LeBreton’s at Marben
  • February 1 – Started the process of packing up to de-clutter and stage the condo for sale
  • February 14 – Professional pictures were taken of the condo for the sale listing
  • February 15 – We put the purchase offer in on 28 Putney Rd
  • February 22-23 – Had a fun weekend away in Niagara-on-the-Lake with the Milton’s and Rambo’s
  • February 24 – Waived all the conditions on our offer to purchase 28 Putney Rd and officially owned a house (but still needed to sell the condo!)
  • February 28 – March 2 – Another weekend away in Niagara at Great Wolf Lodge with Lesley, Jacey and the kids
  • March 15 – Enjoyed an excellent dinner at Ursa with Richard & Marilyn Cooper
  • March 21-23 – Kurtis made a quick trip to Texas for our friend Pat Atkinson’s surprise 65th birthday party
  • March 26 – Gramps passed away
  • March 31 – We officially sold the condo (all purchase conditions were waived)!  This was the second offer as the first one had fallen through due to financing.
  • April 12-13 – Lesley, Jacey and the kids came up for one last visit at the condo.
  • April 19 – We hosted a “Kick-off Flying Season” hangar party
  • April 28 – The sale of the condo officially closed and we were “homeless” for 2 1/2 weeks
  • April 27 – May 15 – We stayed with the Cross family who generously welcomed us.  It was kind of funny timing however because they were renovating their guest bedroom and 3 out of the 4 bathrooms in the house while we were there.  So all of us managed to share the 1 operational bathroom!
  • May 15 – We got the keys to the house!
  • May 23-26 – Had a fun long weekend getaway with some of our Cessna 195 Club friends at Gaston’s and Hot Springs, Arkansas.  A big thanks to Dave White for letting us borrow C-GSIN since CF-KCS’ annual was still not done.
  • June 13 – Flew in C-FFUN to Langdon Hall for an excellent dinner with Richard & Marilyn Cooper
  • June 14-15 – Another fun weekend away in Stratford with Ron & Pat
  • June 19 – Happy 35th birthday to me… I took a home pregnancy test that was positive!
  • June 20 – Enjoyed a very delicious birthday dinner at Jacobs & Co.  Since no alcohol was being consumed we decided to splurge on the steak and tried a cut of Wagyu beef.  Melted in our mouths!
  • June 28 – We flew CF-KCS with Dennis & Jan to Killarney to try the famous fish & chips
  • July 5 – We flew CF-KCS with Dennis & Jan to Dave & Pam Bruce’s strip in Cayuga and the 6 of us enjoyed an excellent dinner at The Twisted Lemon
  • July 17 – Broke ground on our backyard landscaping project (planned and executed by Sarah Ford)
  • July 19-21 – Had a fun long weekend trip to Chicago for a self-guided micro-distillery tour
  • July 29 – Started out for Oshkosh but had to turn back because CF-KCS’ engine was running rough.  One thing led to three snags causing us to abandon our trip to Oshkosh for this year.
  • August 1-3 – Joined the Augustine’s, Gallant’s and Valade’s for a couple nights of camping at Killbear park
  • August 3 – Lesley, Jacey and the kids stopped by for the night on their way home from the cottage and were the first to find out we were going to become a family of 3.
  • August 8 – Flew CF-KCS home for the weekend to share our baby news with our families.  Mom & Dad Arnold were the next to find out.
  • August 9 – Shared our news with Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Jim, then with Mark, Lisa, Phillip, Owen and Uncle Brad, and then with Mom, Roger, Uncles Paul, John and Brad
  • August 10 – Had breakfast and shared the news with my Dad
  • August 13 – We had dinner with Lisa & Charles and shared our news and on the drive home I called Michelle and told her she was going to be an aunt again
  • August 21 – A fun evening with drinks at Bar Isabel and dinner at The Grove with Jeremy & Lara
  • August 29 – September 1 – We flew CF-KCS to the Blakesburg fly-in in Iowa
  • September 2 – Celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary with a quiet dinner at home
  • September 3-6 – Flew in C-FFUN with the Cooper’s for a little getaway to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvannia
  • September 17-21 – Flew CF-KCS and attended our 5th 195 Club fly-in in Harbor Springs, Michigan
  • September 26-28 – I spent the weekend in Essex/Cottam to attend Lisa’s baby shower
  • October 2 – Alicia Mei Zhu makes an early appearance at 33 weeks and 3 days
  • October 4 – We had a house full of friends who came to our housewarming party
  • October 8 – Uncle Brad Stannard passed away unexpectedly
  • October 24 – Enjoyed the Randy Bachman concert in Mississauga with the Cooper’s and Deo’s
  • October 25 – Participated in a mystery game followed by dinner at Biff’s with the Cooper’s and Deo’s
  • October 30 – November 2 – Flew CF-KCS for a long weekend getaway to Middlesboro, Kentucky with the Pearman’s, Milton’s and the Roberts’
  • November 8 – Hosted our first cocktail party in our new house
  • November 23 – Had baby bump pictures taken with Stacey Newman
  • November 27 – Went to the One of a Kind show followed by dinner at Parts & Labour with the Cooper’s and the Deo’s
  • December 1-19 – Kurtis had 3 weeks off and I had 1 1/2 weeks off.  This was our last big vacation before the baby arrives.  Kurtis had fun galavanting around TX, MS, and TN then picked me up at the Miami airport late on December 5.  December 6 to 12 was spent on a 37′ catamaran in the Bahamas with Terry & Wade Gillaspie.  December 12 to 15 was the journey home (almost).  Kurtis retrieved CF-KCS from Johnstown, NY on December 19 after we had to leave it there for a few days due to weather.
  • December 26-28 – Christmas at home with the family
  • December 31 – We rang in the new year at the Frenette’s

2014 was fun and busy and brought a few changes!  And 2015 is definitely going to bring lots of changes in the Arnold household!

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