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Hello!  We are the Arnold family – aka the Flying Arnold’s.  Home base is Toronto, ON, Canada.


We’ll start with Kurtis.  He is an air traffic controller at Toronto’s Pearson airport.  He has had a passion for aviation from a very young age and got his private pilots license when he turned 18.  Since then he has obtained his Commercial and also his IFR (flying in clouds) licences.


By day, Christina is a CPA, specializing in Canadian tax.  When she is not working and taking care of the family, she is planning the next adventure.  She is the family “travel agent”!


Kurtis & Christina – We are high school sweethearts and have been married for 19 years and counting.  Neither of us traveled much prior to getting married but as a couple we made traveling a priority.  We were in no rush to have children and enjoyed 14 years as a family of 2.  After acquiring our Cessna 195, and having so many fun travel adventures with it, we started thinking it would be wonderful to share this with a little one of our own.


Enter Hudson.  He is currently 4 1/2 years old.  His first long distance trip was by car to Florida at 2 months old.  His first flight in our Cessna 195 was at 3 months old.  And the travel fun just keeps on going!

Hudson is a busy boy and keeps Mama and Daddy on their toes!  He is happy, fearless and outgoing.  He’ll talk to anyone who will listen 🤣.  Thankfully, he is an amazing traveler and is game for pretty much anything.  So far he’s visited 23 states, 4 provinces and 1 territory by way of our Cessna 195.

Before Hudson came along, our 1947 Cessna 195 was our first “baby”.  We took the plunge and purchased CF-KCS in 2010 and have not looked back.  Our Cessna 195 has allowed us to combine Kurtis’ passion for flying with Christina’s passion for traveling and we have explored many parts of Canada, the USA and the Bahamas (the Bahamas was before H was born).  The airplane is like our traveling “cottage”.  


We want to share the stories of our family flying/traveling adventures here to encourage others to travel.  We hope you enjoy!

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