Cocktail party November 8

This was our first cocktail party hosted in the new house (and my first cocktail party not imbibing). By all accounts it was a success.  There were 16 people in total, including us and Edward, so the kitchen/dining area was a little crowded.  We started serving the first course just after 5:00PM and dessert was being cleaned up at around midnight.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food, drinks and conversations.

Course 1 – Terrine of Smoked Salmon;  Cocktail 1 – The Aviation

Course 2 – Scotch Eggs & Pumpkin Sage Scone;  Cocktail 2 – Jimmy Roosevelt

Course 3 – Roasted Vegetable Cream;  Cocktail 3 – Eden Park

Course 4 – Canard with Port Cream Reduction;  Cocktail 4 – Smoked Orange Manhattan

Course 5 – Citrus Shrimp Tartine;  Cocktail 5 – East Village Athletic Club

Course 6 – Gnocchi with Sweet Potato Sauce;  Cocktail 6 – The Holy Hand Grenade

Course 7 – Roasted Rack of Lamb with Pistachio Saffron Polenta;  Cocktail 7 – Little Bit Country

Course 8 – Brown Butter Banana Cake with Salted Dark Chocolate Ganache;  Cocktail 8 – Proper Irish Coffee

A big Thank You to Joe Deo for taking all of the pictures!

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