Middlesboro, KY

October 30 – November 2, 2014

After work on Thursday, October 30, Kurtis and I departed in the 195 from CYKF.  We were meeting up with friends from the Cessna 195 Club for a 3-day long weekend getaway in Middlesboro, Kentucky.  Aubie had planned out the meeting place, which was where his Dad’s family was from.

Middlesboro is located 1 mile west of the Cumberland Gap and was built in what is believed to be a meteor crater.  An interesting claim to fame is that it is home of the oldest continuously played golf course in the US.  The nearby Cumberland Gap is also a major draw to the area.  It is a narrow opening through the Cumberland Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian Mountains, and was used as a passageway in colonial times.  The town and Gap are also near the junction of the states of Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.  It’s always fun exploring new places!

Since it was getting dark as we were getting closer to Middlesboro, we decided to land at a different airport close by in Tazwell because we were not familiar with the terrain.  Wayne & Trisha Roberts and Aubie’s Aunt Joan came and picked us up.  We drove back to Middlesboro and enjoyed an excellent steak dinner at Shades Cafe.

We retired to the Cumberland Manor Bed & Breakfast, which was where the 195 gang was all staying for the weekend.  The house is a beautiful victorian mansion that the owners have lovingly restored.

The next day us and the Roberts did a little wandering around the historic downtown, we stopped in at Aunt Joan’s for a quick visit and then made our way to the airport in Tazwell to pick up Aubie, Leslie and Big Aub, who were arriving early afternoon.  Unfortunately the weather was deteriorating and a couple of the family’s that were originally going to come for the weekend had to cancel.  Those of us that did make it were still going to have fun!

Dinner Friday night was graciously hosted by Aunt Joan.  Bill and Jeanne Milton made it from upstate New York in time for dinner.  We got to meet more of Big Aub’s family as well as some of Aunt Joan’s local friends.  It was a wonderfully relaxing evening with great food and fellowship.

On Saturday, all 4 couples were treated to an amazing breakfast prepared by our host at the B&B, Jill.  We all then made our way to the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park and did a little exploring and eating in the tiny village at the Gap.  The boys did the trek up to the tri-state marker while the ladies enjoyed some hot beverages in a little cafe.  Dinner was served to our gang at the B&B.  Smoked pork tenderloin and all the trimmings.

Another wonderful breakfast greeted us Sunday morning.  It felt like all we did was eat the whole weekend!  After breakfast Aubie & Kurtis took the owners of the B&B up for plane rides.  And then it was time to say goodbye and head for home 🙁  Another flying adventure in the books!

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