Surprise birthday cocktail party


Several months ago our friend Marilyn Cooper approached Edward, Kurtis and I to ask if we could help plan and execute a surprise 60th birthday party for her husband, Richard.  The party was to be modelled after the multi-course paired food and cocktail events that we have hosted at our condo several times over the past couple years.  Richard & Marilyn had been in attendance at one of the events we had hosted in 2012.  We were very humbled and honoured that Marilyn wanted our help because she could have gone anywhere and done whatever she wanted for such a special occasion.

A couple things we had never tried before were inspired by some of Richard’s favourite foods – starting and ending with dessert, and corn dogs – both of which appeared to be big hits!  This was also the biggest group we have served 9 paired courses to.  Including Edward, Kurtis and myself there were 25 in attendance.  This necessitated renting most of the glassware and plates, which was also a new experience.

By all accounts I think the evening was a big success and everyone had a great time celebrating Richard’s big day!

  • Prelude course – Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, covered chocolate glaze
  • Prelude cocktail – Coffee Cocktail
  • 1st course – Corn dogs stuffed with Guinness cheddar and Crab mac & 5 cheeses
  • 1st cocktail – Vowel Cocktail
  • 2nd course – Mustard, maple, espresso lamb
  • 2nd cocktail – The Mule’s Hind Leg
  • 3rd course – Scallops in tangerine cream sauce
  • 3rd cocktail – The Millionaire
  • 4th course – Pork & pineapple tacos
  • 4th cocktail – Jalapeño Mezcal Margarita
  • 5th course – Carrot ginger soup with balsamic crouton, prosciutto and toasted brioche
  • 5th cocktail – 12 Mile Limit
  • 6th course – Beef roquefort with roasted vegetable quinoa
  • 6th cocktail – Widow’s Kiss
  • 7th course – Butternut squash, goat cheese, sage lasagna
  • 7th cocktail – The Income Tax
  • 8th course – Outrageous coconut cake with lemon cream tartlet
  • 8th cocktail – Blueberry Tea

2 thoughts to “Surprise birthday cocktail party”

  1. The party you did for Richard was awesome! People are still talking about it. Both the food and the drinks were over the top. Looking forward to the next excuse we come up with to do it again. Thank you for a fun and memorable night.

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