Will Fly for Food!

With selling our condo, buying a house, hosting a hanger party, moving out of the condo April 28 and moving into the house May 15 there was very little time left to focus on the 195’s annual.  As a result, our 2014 flying season got off to a slow start.  When June arrived we were determined to log some air time, even if it was just locally.

On June 13 our friends, Richard & Marilyn Cooper, helped us get things started.  We departed from Pearson in their helicopter and headed to Langdon Hall in Cambridge for dinner.  It was about a 25 minute flight.  We landed on a grassy area beside the parking lot that had been recently cut for our arrival.  Kurtis and I were very excited about dinner because we had recently learned that the restaurant’s new chef was Chef Jason Bangerter.  He had previously been at Auberge du Pommier and had made our 9th anniversary dinner there a very memorable one.  Dinner at Langdon Hall certainly did not disappoint.  The presentation and flavours of the food were excellent and the dinner conversation was wonderful.  We ended the evening off with a sunset flight over downtown Toronto.

The 195 was ready to get some exercise too.  So on June 28, Kurtis & I and Dennis & Jan flew in our plane up to Killarney.  We had heard people’s reports the past few years that there was a place in town to get “the best” fish and chips.  It was as good a time as any to check it out.  We arrived at the Killarney airport and decided that it was a nice day for a walk into town.  It took us about 25 minutes.  We arrived at Herbert Fisheries Fish & Chips location ready to eat!  They were temporarily operating out of a small trailer while their new location was being built.  This didn’t seem to affect their quality.  The reports were all right!  The fish was super yummy, very fresh and cooked just right.

It doesn’t take much of an excuse for us to go flying and Jan’s birthday on July 5 was the perfect reason to get in the airplane and fly somewhere again. I can’t remember what the original destination had been, but plans had to be slightly altered.  We got in touch with our friends, Dave & Pam Bruce, to see if they were going to be home and would like to join us for dinner.  Everything came together perfectly.  Kurtis flew from CYKF to CZBA, borrowed Dennis’ truck and came and picked me up at the nearby Go Station, Jan arrived at CZBA just after we got there from the Go Station and we launched off towards Cayuga.  We landed at the Bruce’s grass strip, jumped in their car for the 10 minute drive into town to go to the Twisted Lemon and made it just in time for our early dinner reservation.  The quality of the food and service at the Twisted Lemon could easily compete with restaurants in Toronto.  It is definitely a hidden jem worth checking out if you find yourself near Cayuga.

Flying around for food is probably a little bit ridiculous, but I think being a little ridiculous make life more interesting!

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